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On the route

Recommended equipment

  • The bike! Checked and in a very good technical condition
  • Weather-appropriate outfit
  • Helmet
  • Filled water bottles
  • Energy bars/gels
  • Service kit: pump, inner tube, tire spoons, multi-tool
  • Additionally – an active mobile phone

Refreshment stations

On the route there will be points offering isotonic drinks. Each participant using our "petrol station" will have the opportunity to flood the bottles, replenish energy shortages or take full water/isotonic bottle. In addition, each buffet will be equipped with basic bicycle tools, a pump and inner tubes.

Medical and rescue points

The race will be supported by an experienced medical crew. Rescue staff will move along the race route and ambulances will be located at the key sites for each distance. We are also counting on your help if you witness an accident or are involved yourself. Please carry a mobile phone with a speed dial option to our emergency number: +48 728 497 830 (the number will be active during the race).

Time measurement

The results and the racing time of each rider will be available on the website during the race (live) as well as after the event. In addition, time checkpoints will be located along the route, allowing race times to be analyzed or individual participants to be tracked in front of the computer screen. Although times are recorded, there is no need to feel the pressure of competition. You can take part simply to experience a really fantastic adventure along interesting and secured routes of the Majka Gran Fondo. 

Track GPS

We will shortly be providing more information about the course of the particular stages. We will present not only tracks to navigate using GPS devices, but also the locations of refreshment stations and special places worth paying more attention to (e.g. passages through towns, road sections in a bad condition). We will do our best to prepare maps with marked locations that may be particularly interesting for fans and observers.
The proposed courses of the particular races of the Majka Gran Fondo will be set out in the ROUTES section 
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