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Plan Your start

ITT and Road Race Venue - the city of Dobczyce

ITT location 08.06.2024
Start / Finish - the city of Dobczyce, check location

Road Race location 09.06.2024
START Urząd Miasta i Gminy Dobczyce - location
FINISH Miejsko-Gminny Ośrodek Kultury i Sportu w Dobczycach - location

Choose the right equipment


Only cyclists with bicycles in a good technical condition can take part in the race. At the GranFondo (100 km) and MedioFondo (73 km) distances, participants can only use classical road bicycles, known as racing bicycles, without time trial bars, with a classical drive and functioning brakes. Although it’s obvious, we must just point out that bicycles with electric drives are forbidden.

​Physical preparation


Each participant should be well prepared for the race, with particular attention to general fitness accompanied by the typical cycling power and endurance. The participants of the Majka Gran Fondo must be well aware of the fact that they will spend from approximately half an hour (time trial) to several hours “in the saddle”, depending on the chosen distance (from around 46 km to around 100 km). Some sections will require more effort and focus from the riders, all in order to finish the race at their own pace and comfort.
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