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Rules and Regulations

1. Purpose of the race
- Popularizing road cycling in Poland;
- Selecting the best athletes through the road cycling race Majka Gran Fondo held from June 8th to June 9th, 2024;
- Propagating a healthy lifestyle, active leisure and recreation;
- Continuing to set new trends for organizing sporting events in Poland;

2. Name of the event
Majka Gran Fondo

3. Date and place of the event
08.06.2024 – individual time trial
09.06.2024 – road race at the distances GranFondo, MedioFondo and Adventure
Startg point:
Dobczyce - location

4. Organizer
G&G Promotion Grzegorz Golonko
ul. Wspólna 18
05-092 Łomianki

Email: or
Official website:
5. Entries
Entries and payments are accepted ONLY via the electronic form available in the registration service until June 5th, 2024.
It will not be possible to register in person at the Race Office.
The Organizer will not be liable for delays in bank and postal transfers. The day when the money is credited to the bank account of the Organizer is considered the day of payment. 
Entries are accepted only until the maximum number of available places has been reached. To confirm the start, the athlete has to pay the entry fee according to the payment schedule. The date of crediting the entry fee to the bank account of the Organizer will be decisive, not the registration date.
Invoices are issued within seven days of making the bank transfer and sent via email to the participant concerned.
The Organizer will not reimburse the fees if a rider withdraws from the competition before or during the race. The registration fee is used to cover the organizational costs of the race.
The Organizer allows for the possibility to change the distance or to transfer the entry fee to another competitor (as long as the limit of participants has not been exceeded). The change can only be made until June 2nd, 2024 at the latest; the participant has to send information via email to:  and pay a handling fee of EUR 20. It is not possible to make any changes after the set deadline.
6. Doping control
During the Majka Gran Fondo, athletes may be requested to submit to a doping control. The doping control will be conducted according to the applicable UCI rules.
Athletes that have tested positive within the last five years will be disqualified from the race.
An athlete who has been requested to submit to a doping control has an obligation to take part in the doping control. A failure to submit to a doping control will lead to disqualification.
If an electrical motor is detected in the bicycle of an athlete participating in the Majka Gran Fondo, the athlete will be disqualified.
7. Participation conditions and personal data
The Majka Gran Fondo (GF) is a cycling race open to anyone. It is held from June 8th to June 9th, 2024. GF participants must meet the following conditions:

  • is 18 years old on the start day at the latest;
  • minors who will be 16 years old in 2024 can take part in the Adventure race. Minors must submit a declaration signed by their legal guardian (a sample form can be downloaded from the event’s website) and must have a cycling proficiency certificate which they have to present at the Race Office;
  • has completed the entry form available on the event’s website;
  • has paid the entry fee;
  • has read and accepted the Race Rules;
  • has signed a declaration confirming that they are not prevented from taking part in the competition.

The controller of personal data processed in connection with the organization of GF is G&G Promotion Grzegorz Golonko, with its registered office at Wspolna street, number 18, Lomianki 05092, Poland. All information about the personal data processing by the Data Controller is available in the Privacy Policy published on the Organizer’s website.
Providing personal data is voluntary, but it is necessary in order to take part in the GF according to the Race Rules. Anyone who has provided their personal data has the right to access their data, correct them as well as to withdraw their consent for the processing of personal data at any time. The Data Controller may process personal data in connection with the organization of GF, also in cooperation with other entities to the extent necessary for the proper organization of the event.
Registration and participation in the race is interpreted as giving consent to using images recorded in the form of photography or video free of charge. The Participant grants the Personal Data Controller a non-exclusive, territorially unlimited 10-year license to use the recorded image in the following fields of exploitation:

  1. Recording and reproducing the image using any known technique, and distributing it in any form;
  2. Making one or more copies available to sponsors and official partners, in order to promote the sponsor or an official partner in the scope of its participation in the GF event;
  3. Saving the image in computer memory and on a multimedia network;
  4. Reproducing a recorded image;
  5. Presenting the image in public, displaying, reproducing and broadcasting or re-broadcasting it, as well as making it available to the public in such a way that anyone can access it at a time and place of their choosing;
  6. Placing and publishing the image in the press, on websites, posters and billboards;
  7. Broadcasting the image on television and radio transmissions;
  8. Publishing photos of the Participant showing their participation on social media, with an option to tag the Participant by name and surname.

The Data Controller has the right to grant partners and sponsors of the GF a sub-license to use the consolidated image of the Participant referred to above, to an extent not wider than the scope of the license granted to them.
The Organizer does not provide any life, health or civil liability insurance to the Participant, nor sickness, accident, injury or death insurance, nor insurance against loss or damages caused in connection with the presence at and/or participation in the BWT.
By accepting the Race Rules, the Participant declares that they have no medical contraindications to participate in the race and take part in the race on their own responsibility (in case of minors – on the responsibility of parents or legal guardians). The Participant acknowledges also that taking part in the race is related with physical effort and entails a natural risk, the risk of accidents, risk of personal injury and physical harm (including death), as well as material damages and losses.
The Organizer reserves the right to allow medical and paramedical personnel employed by or on behalf of the Organizer to provide first aid or other medical treatments, and to transport an injured participant to a safe place. The Participant agrees to the above mentioned actions.
The Participant must display the race number provided by the Organizer in a visible position at all times.

8. Race – individual time trial
Participants are permitted to use standard road bicycles (as well as special time trial bicycles) in a good technical condition.
The Participant is responsible for the bicycle’s condition during the race.
During the race, the race time is measured through the use of electronic chips.
Participants receive race numbers with fixed chips in the competitor's package.
The race number with a chip must be fastened to the seat post. A poorly fixed race number may result in the Participant not being identified at the checkpoints and/or at the finish line. As a result, the rider may not be classified.
Throughout the race, each rider is obliged to ride on the right side of the road, and to pay particular attention to riders approaching from the opposite direction.
The start and finish line of the race will be located in Dobczyce near Town Hall.
Athletes are obliged to appear in the starting area at least three minutes before the scheduled starting time. If an athlete is late for the start, the start time will go ahead as planned and the delay will be included in the official race time. The delay must not exceed 30 seconds after the scheduled starting time. An athlete whose delay exceeds 30 seconds will not be admitted to start.
If the athlete does not appear at the start, the time window remains free. This will not lead to the next athlete starting earlier.
The starting time of each athlete will also be published on the start list available in the Race Office and on the event’s website at least 12 hours before the race.
While overtaking on the race course, it is forbidden to use the slipstream and cut off an overtaking rider.
It is forbidden to shorten the race course and to cut corners on the left side of the road.
Every athlete has to pass through the split time checkpoint located at the halfway point of the race.
If two athletes appear at the checkpoint simultaneously, the athlete who is overtaking has priority.
If a bike develops a problem prior to the start of the race, the athlete must inform the Main Referee about the defect and has the right to start later. The Main Referee will take a decision about the exact starting time.
9. Road race
The GF race will be held on the routes in the region of the city Dobczyce. The route maps will be made available by the Organizer on the website.
On June 9th, 2024, each distance for all age groups will start together with a specified section of the honorary ride, at a clear signal from the Main Referee. The Organizer reserves the right to conduct the start in a different way and will inform the riders accordingly during the technical briefing on the race day. If the Organizer decides to change the starting time of particular races, the new starting time will be announced at least three days before the event.
The race course will be signposted and secured by the referees, medical rescuers and technical service.
To take part in the event, the participant must use a bicycle in a good technical condition (GranFondo and MedioFondo distances).
At the Adventure distance, the participant can use a bicycle in good technical condition with any wheel size and tire width.
On June 9th, 2024, the bicycle cannot be equipped with time trial bars. Using a front or rear disc wheel is not permitted. The bicycle must be propelled only by human power.
Checkpoints will be located on the race course. Avoiding even one checkpoint will result in disqualification.
During the race on June 9th, 2024, electronic time measurements will be used. The time measured is gross, counting from the starter's shot for the given starting group.
After the given time limit (set in the official communication published at least three days before the event), athletes finishing the individual distances will not be included in the final classification. In exceptional circumstances, the Organizer reserves the right to introduce a cut-off time at specific checkpoints of the GF route, and to postpone the final closing time of the route.
Individual winners in each age category, broken down by gender, will be riders who have finished all the stages of the GF in the shortest time (joint race) and have passed through all the checkpoints.
During the race, the participants must observe these Race Rules and show appropriate respect towards other participants, referees, organizers and security & medical services.
The participants must show personal culture (in particular refraining from using vulgarisms), stick to the rules of fair play and respect the environment.
No glass containers or any other items that may pose a risk to the life and health of the athletes and fans may be used anywhere on or near to the race course.
All litter and packaging must be left in the FEED ZONE (PL name: Strefa Bufetowa) located up to 500 m after the given refreshment station along the route. Littering in other places will be sanctioned with a time penalty at the first occurrence. A second proven case of littering on the route will result in the disqualification of the athlete.

10. Withdrawal during the race
Any athletes who withdraw from the competition during the GF, regardless of the reason for the withdrawal, are obliged to immediately inform the Organizer and/or the medical/technical services (emergency telephone number +48 501263300) about their withdrawal, in order to avoid initiating the rescue action.
If, due to a failure to inform the Organizer about the withdrawal from the competition, a search operation is initiated, the relevant athlete will bear all the costs of the rescue action.
In special cases, bearing in mind the wellbeing of the athletes, the Organizer in consultation with the race doctor has the right to withdraw an athlete from the competition.

11. Benefits for the riders
The entry fee includes:
- race number with an electronic chip, 
- signposted race course
- electronic time measurement
- full medical coverage (emergency medical service)
- support and help from the Organizer’s services if necessary, volunteers’ service and supervision by the security personnel (START/FINISH LINE zone)
- referee service
- the right to use refreshment stations on the route
- a warm regeneration meal after the event
- a “Finisher” gift 
- free of charge technical service (bike service) in the race village and on the route (depending on time, possibilities and logistics)
- photo service
- trophies for the winners
12. Age categories
The race is held as an individual race at the distance GranFondo (100 km), in age groups broken down by gender:
(woman 50 - 59)
The race is held as an individual race during the time trial (20 km) and at the distances MedioFondo (73 km) and Adventure (46 km), in age groups broken down by gender:
(woman 50 - 79) 

13. Classifications
The race features the following classifications:
- individual classification in the age groups broken down by gender in the above mentioned categories; 
- additional team classification (road race – joint start)
A team registered to the Team Classification (“TC”) may be a formal or informal group of riders representing a sports club, association, educational institution or company. The TC can include any groups representing local communities, where the nature and name of the team have been accepted by the Organizer.
The TC will include teams that have registered at least four athletes at one of the chosen distances (“GranFondo”, “MedioFondo”, “Adventure”).
The TC is based on the individual results of Open Women and Open Men at each distance. The TC will be held separately for each distance. The TC will be won by the team whose members have achieved the lowest sum of the places ranked in the “Open” classification at a given distance.
The Organizer reserves the right to check the composition and nature of the registered team.
14. Road traffic
The GF will be held with open road traffic on June 9th, 2024. At particularly dangerous locations, the police and the Organizer's services will assist with merging into traffic.
During the race, riders have to follow the road traffic rules and, in particular, ride on the right side of the road.
Riders must be particularly careful bearing in mind the possibility of vehicles entering from roads without a right of way, fields, forest paths or individual premises.
The Organizer bears no liability for possible collisions and road accidents caused through the fault of the rider.
After 5:30 p.m. on June 9th, 2024, the police and the Organizer's services (fire services, municipal services and volunteers) will stop securing the event’s routes on public roads. Athletes moving at an average speed of less than: 18 km/h at “GranFondo”, 14 km/h at “MedioFondo” and 10 km/h at “Adventure” must know that they are riding after the time limit in open traffic, on a non-secured route. In this case they are fully obliged to follow the road traffic rules and must be prepared for the rules to be enforced by the police.
For the GrandFondo distance, there is a cut-off time for entering the second part of the route (turnout for GranFondo and MedioFondo, on 59 km) – 2 hour and 45 minutes, counting from the starting time of the long distance. 
The last athlete riding within the defined limits of average speed is followed by a vehicle bearing the sign “RACE END”.
15. Prizes
The three best athletes in each age group at GF distances “GranFondo”, “MedioFondo” and “Adventure” will receive sports trophies. In the Team Classification, the three best teams will be awarded sports trophies.
16. Penalties
The Commissaires' Panel, in consultation with the Organizer, can impose the following penalties:
Time penalty
17. Environment protection
Riders must respect the environment and must not throw away any litter outside the designated feed zones. Littering on the race course will be punished under Point 16 of the Race Rules. It is forbidden to use glass bottles on or near to the race course.
18. Complaints
Any complaints must be filed, in writing, to the Main Referee during the event. A protest fee of PLN 100 will be charged for all written complaints. If the complaint is found by the Main Referee, in consultation with the Organizer, to be invalid, the fee will not be refunded. The decision of the Main Referee is final.
19. Additional information
The Organizer is not liable for any accidents that may occur while arriving at and returning from the race.
The Participant may not interfere in the appearance of the received racing number, and in particular may not remove and cover graphic elements placed on the number, or add new elements not related to the GF; this may result in disqualification.
The Organizer bears no material responsibility for any items lost during the race.
The Organizer bears no liability for possible collisions and road accidents caused through the fault of the participant.
Not knowing the Race Rules will not be treated as a justification.
Anyone found riding on the race course without a race number will be removed by the technical service.
Every GF participant must wear a stiff helmet at all times while riding during the race. A failure to wear a helmet will result in disqualification.
The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to natural disasters or conditions deemed to be events of force majeure.
The Organizer will not reimburse the fees if a rider withdraws from the competition before or during the race. The registration fee is used to cover the organizational costs of the race. 
If the event is canceled due to administrative decisions, the entry fees will be carried over to the earliest possible new date of the event.
The Organizer, together with the Main Referee, reserve the right to interpret and change these Race Rules. 

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